The road to adaptive management

BEAM Webinar: On the road to adaptive management, 25 October 2016
Speakers: Tim Sparkman and Ben Fowler from MarketShare Associates; Karri Byrne, independent; Emma Proud at Mercy Corps; and Siroco Messerli at SDC. 

The concept of adaptive management has been embraced by development practitioners and is particularly relevant for programmes pursuing systemic change. Fast, iterative learning and the ability to react to changing circumstances are critical to ensure that programmes remain effective. Yet, despite the buzz around adaptive management, many programmes face challenges in reaching an adaptive ideal.

This webinar focused on what’s needed for adaptive management to work well. Drawing on the recent BEAM report, Getting there from here, the speakers considered how knowledge, leadership, culture and rules can support adaptive management process, what this can look like in practice, and next steps for the community.