Systemic M&E tools

BEAM webinars:

1. Using systemic M&E tools in Feed the Future Uganda, June 26 2015
2. Network Mapping, July 14 2015
3. Sensemaker, July 28 2015
Speakers: Eric Derks and Leanne Rasmussen

In a series of webinars on tools to measure systemic change, Eric Derks and Leanne Rasmussen will share learning from Feed the Future Uganda. The five year, multi-million dollar USAID programme, aims to increase Ugandan farmers' use of good quality agro-inputs by fostering more inclusive systemic changes in the agro-inputs industry.

As of late 2014, the programme developed and began utilising a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) scheme that is expected to:

Monitor the feedback from actors in the agro-inputs sector on the programme's interventions and use this information to improve the interventions.
Gauge systemic change — in behaviour and business practices — in the agro-inputs industry and explore the impacts on smallholder farmers.
Explore the limits of 'reasonable attribution' to interventions.

The first webinar in the series looked at the context, objectives and strategy of the programme and the tools used.

The second webinar focused on Network Mapping.

The third webinar focused on Sensemaker.

This webinar series is organised by the BEAM Exchange, USAID's LEO project and SEEP's Market Facilitation Initiative (MaFI).