Violence against women and girls

Grab the Mic webinar: Market systems approaches: how to tackle violence against women and girls
24 November 2015
Speakers: Georgia Taylor, WISE Development, and Fouzia Nasreen, M4C.

Integrating actions that tackle the root causes of violence against women and girls can be a challenge for programmes adopting a market systems approach. The constraints preventing women from accessing markets and benefiting from them are multifarious. Some constraints are economic but others are shaped by cultures and norms.

To ignite a more robust debate about how market systems practitioners can better tackle violence against women and girls (VAWG), Georgia Taylor, Director of WISE Development, presented on how VAWG can act as a barrier to economic productivity and access to markets, and thereby could limit the impact of programmes that have a markets systems approach. She introduced details from a DFID Guidance Note on VAWG and Economic Development and Women's Economic Empowerment Programmes. Fouzia Nasreen, Manager of M4C, spoke on the practical challenges and opportunities for addressing VAWG in programmes that adopt a market systems approach.

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