New Video Documentary on the Private Sector Innovation Programme for Health (PSP4H), Kenya

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Take a look at this short (8 minute) documentary on DFID's Private Sector Innovation Programme for Health (PSP4H), which uses the M4P/market systems approach “to improve the for-profit health market in Kenya, so that poor people get better value for money they spend on health."

19 Feb 2018, 6:03 a.m.

Sadruddin Imran

Thanks for sharing this. Our firm Innovision Consulting worked with Malaria Consortium in DfID funded SuNMaP in Nigeria. We promoted a number of malaria products (insecticide treated mosquito nets, RDTs and ACTs) together with private companies following M4P approach. It is great to see successful health sector interventions following market systems approach in other parts of Africa.