BEAM Conference: In sickness and in health - health markets session

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Dear BEAMers - I decided to create this thread to share with you updates, resources and insights from this session. You can see the full schedule of the BEAM Conference ((18-20 May, Lusaka) here:

18 May 2016, 3:50 p.m.

Luis E. (Lucho) Osorio-Cortes

Hi Sola! It is great to know that you find this conversation interesting. I think it is fascinating. How do we approach health systems from a markets perspective? How do we integrate behavioral change issues? How the idea of 'do no harm' applies in health market development? I have been learning a lot from my conversations with the panelists. Kabir was sharing with me his experiences about a very interesting feedback loop that I ignored: Malaria drug prices go down (via subsidies or new business models), which then allows poor people to buy more of it. Which is a good thing, no? Not so fast! Without proper information and testing (sometimes people confuse the symptoms), people tend to go beyond the recommended dose, which then reduces its effectiveness. The lesson I take from this is: we need to go beyond the analysis of purely market-related outcomes and look at how they change behaviour, especially when we are working to improve health systems. What do you think?

18 May 2016, 11:57 a.m.

Olushola AO

Thanks for sharing Luis E. (Lucho) Osorio-Cortes! Really useful link too Ron Ashkin! I look forward to listening to what you have been up to since the last Programme we worked together on in Lagos Nigeria. Interestingly, Kabir Bamidele Lawal and I with a number of the Nigerian contingent arrived at the Venue in the early hours of today. See you at the meeting! Best

17 May 2016, 9:59 p.m.

Luis E. (Lucho) Osorio-Cortes

Hi Ron - Thanks for sharing this policy brief. One of my favourite parts is this: "PSP4H works primarily on the supply side of the equation to bring lower cost, better value healthcare products and services to the market. The supply side is often neglected; much more development emphasis is on demand-side, finance-driven solutions to healthcare access. However, reducing the cost and increasing the value of healthcare products and services is a no-lose situation" It reminds us of the importance of the supply side when the target population are consumers. I look forward to the session @ #BEAM2016 Conference!

17 May 2016, 6:10 a.m.

Ron Ashkin

Here's a preview of some of the subject matter - a PSP4H policy brief on how M4P in the health sector supports development policy objectives and universal health coverage: . Hope to see you in Lusaka - the health session is at 11:00 am on Friday 20th MAy.

12 May 2016, 6:57 p.m.

Luis E. (Lucho) Osorio-Cortes

The first major update for this session is that we have new speakers! With the exception of Ron Ashkin (Cardno - Team leader of the PSP4H Programme) -who has been in the line-up from the very beginning and who will be in the panel- we have: - Jesse Kirowo, the CEO of PharmNet and - Kabir Bamidele Lawal, ex-SuNMaP programme and now Engagement Manager at Solina Group. And to top off this great line-up, we have Ben Taylor from Springfield Centre as the moderator/commentator. I want to thank them all for their commitment and energy to make this a great session.