What does 'Decent work' really mean?

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14 May 2020, 1:21 p.m.

Mary Morgan

Thanks for bringing this up. I’m not sure about the idea of targeting— as outlined in Ripley’s and Hartrich’s article. Targeting is irrelevant if we don’t understand the root causes in the poor treatment of workers- and power is a big one there. Targeting is not systems thinking as it isolates out a bandaid fix for a problem. Their second point would be better as a first point— do a market systems analysis to discover the causes to decent work deficits.
Creating jobs in businesses that are so destructive or disrespectful of workers, like the meat industry in Canada and the US, is a huge red flag indicating not to open up opportunities for further exploitation. Decent work requires going to go back to developing local economies and strong relationships between buyers and sellers and consumers to meet demand. And if something cannot be found locally, then regional development is the next level. Globalization we are learning makes for supply chains that are way too fragile- this is not a time to ignore what is emerging from this pandemic.

As a sector of MSD practitioners, we are going to have to shift from handing over workers to large firms who exploit, under pay their labourers/employees, and provide no protections in the workplace. PPPs have to be reviewed extensively before signing anything.
Our sector is key in illustrating we can do economic development differently— and globalization is not working gang. It worked to make consumption easy with a click in northern countries and in developed urban centres in the south, not about creating an equitable world which is the essence of what we are facilitating.
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14 May 2020, 1:21 p.m.

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Thanks a lot Karri

12 May 2020, 5:57 p.m.

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Hi MiC!
In light of all the news articles about increasing unemployment worldwide
and the recent guidance from the MERS Standards
<https: seepnetwork.org="" files="" galleries="" mers_covid19.pdf=""> on employment in
the days of COVID-19, I've been pondering how the aid community's role is

I just read this article from Matt Ripley and Steve Hartrich on BEAM

I thought the article did a great job of drawing out the most important
things to consider as we look at our programming with new eyes. It's a
quick read, but I highly recommend it...


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