Shelter and Rental markets. READ ME

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March 23, 2023, 4:20 p.m.

Karri Byrne

@TateMunro also check out this posting by Jimena. Lots of good resources here.

March 6, 2023, 11:08 a.m.

Steph Roberson

Thanks for this Jimena really useful!

March 1, 2023, 4:41 p.m.

Jimena Peroni

Dear CoP, Many practitioners out there in the field, the MIC and the Shelter Cluster have been busy and innovative trying to understand more on market-based programming and shelter, including rental markets. Let me kick start this discussion walking you through some of the latest resources, but not the only ones for sure! so please feel free to share in this great new platform! :oncoming_bus: :oncoming_bus: :oncoming_bus: First stop :oncoming_bus:: To keep yourself updated in Shelter, Cash and Markets; you can check out what the **Shelter Cluster** is doing. As MIC we work closely with them, and we continuously exchange good practices and resources [Documents]( :oncoming_bus: On **Shelter and MBP Guidance**: Proudly co developed by **Markets in Crisis (MiC) CoP and Global Shelter Cluster’s Shelter Cash and Markets CoP** and with the support of SCALE you will find it in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. Check out [SCALE/Markets-in-Crisis]( where you will find many **Market Based programming (MBP) explainer briefs** in many languages, including cool videos :video_camera: :oncoming_bus: **Rental market Interventions**: [here]( you will find lots of resources (tip sheets, learning reports, tools, etc.) :oncoming_bus: Ok now close to home! I am extremely proud of the following resources on **rental market assessments and adequate housing for LAC**. Not only because of the final outputs (below) but also of the process on how we developed them: bottom up, participatory and with a core component of meaningful engagement with the population and local staff in the whole process. Find below all what we produced last year: **In English** |-|Field handbook ([ENG]( RENTAL HOUSING MARKET. Field handbook for collaborative market assessments. Latin America and the Caribbean. Task force. August 2022 [Toolbox]( Support: [GUIDE FOR ADEQUATE HOUSING IN RESPONSE TO REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS FROM VENEZUELA IN LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN]( **In Spanish** [Manual de campo]( MERCADO DE LA VIVIENDA EN ALQUILER. Manual de campo para evaluaciones de mercado colaborativas. América Latina y El Caribe. Grupo de Trabajo Agosto 2022 [Caja de herramientas]( Apoyo: [GUÍA PARA LA VIVIENDA ADECUADA EN LA RESPUESTA A REFUGIADOS Y MIGRANTES DE VENEZUELA EN LATINO AMÉRICA Y EL CARIBE]( **Collective development and learning** |-|Voices on the process in Spanish| |-|Launching in Spanish |-|Voices from the field| |-|Learning from the first iteration in Colombia| and documented [Colombia_mercado de arriendo]( |-|Micro workshop introduction to RMI| That´s all for now! looking forward to reading markets discussions in this new platform! Jimena Peroni CashCap/NORCAP Part of the MIC AC.