Camp management and MBP?

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Looking for a more holistic way of assessing the impact of camps around markets

April 19, 2023, 9:56 a.m.

Edward Fraser

Hi Jimena, Just so happens I recently reviewed the Minimum Standards for Camp Management, applying a markets lens, and drew a somewhat similar conclusion. Of the limited references, there is one to the likelihood of limited access to markets for those residing in camps and another to the risks to which certain groups may be exposed when accessing markets (somewhat representing the traditional, negative view). However, I was pleasantly surprised to see reference to the importance of engaging local market actors within standards on community participation/representation, as well as the provision of market information as a vital service within standards on site service coordination/monitoring. Far from the holistic view you seek, but a starting point perhaps. My former paymaster, Danish Refugee Council, was exploring the application of market system approaches across a typology of contexts, including both closed and open camp settings, so may be worth reaching out to them? Cheers, Ed

April 18, 2023, 3:21 p.m.

Jimena Peroni

Sharing also [Cash | CCCM Cluster](

April 18, 2023, 2:21 p.m.

Jimena Peroni

I have an honest question here.. has Camp management and MBP been explored? I can see some guidance con CBI and camp manager but still from a cash point of view and focus on feasibility. I am looking for a more holistic way of assessing the impact of the camp around markets and how to take most of the market as part of the CCMM strategy? With so many protracted and set up camps out there probably there is much explored. Honestly it comes more from curiosity right now, from past reflections in other emergencies, than any exposition to this issue in my current context. Thanks for sharing thoughts and resources..