Evaluation guidance

Impact evaluations for market systems programmes is a practical guide to help you design, plan and undertake an evaluation of a programme or intervention that applies a market systems approach. 

It will help you:

  • Understand the implications of complexity for evaluation
  • Develop and use a theory of change
  • Select an evaluation design
  • Choose the most appropriate data collection tools
  • Link evaluation with monitoring
  • Effectively communicate the evaluation findings.

Previous evaluations of market systems programmes have failed to consider long-term effects of a development intervention. This guide provides practical ways to tackle some of the weaknesses identified in previous research, including:

  • The use of simple, linear theories of changes which do not adequately reflect the system-changing ambitions of the market systems approach
  • Limited attention paid to possible unintended and negative effects, particularly for poor people who may not be the direct beneficiaries of market changes
  • Poor data quality
  • Weak triangulation practices, particularly in relation to qualitative data.

The guidelines are intended both for evaluators and for those involved in drawing up the terms of reference and commissioning an evaluation (programme managers and donors). 

Download the evaluation guide (pdf)