Module 3: Intervention performance monitoring



This module provides guidance on monitoring the performance of individual programme interventions. An intervention is understood here as a project which forms one component of the wider programme, with its own defined resources and implementation period.

Guidance on measuring intervention results has already been set out in detail in the DCED Standard for Results Measurement, and this module therefore makes extensive reference to those sections of the DCED Standard that are used in monitoring performance at intervention level. 

It is worth noting that the DCED also offers to audit monitoring frameworks to assess whether they comply with the standard. Such audits can help to improve the quality of a framework, and increase the credibility of results in the eyes of donors, governments and other stakeholders. It also allows programme teams to undertake future data-gathering and report-writing (rather than outsourcing this to consultants) in the knowledge that this will be audited by external experts.

Element 1 - Inwards-out: Monitoring intervention performance

The 2018 Reader on results measurement

An introduction to the DCED Standard for results measurement