Who's championing the market systems approach

Network organisations at the forefront of market systems thinking and practice. Email us with your recommendations.

The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) 
ANDE is a global network of over 200 organisations that provide critical financial, educational, and business support services to small and growing businesses in developing countries. Members include both for and nonprofit investment funds, capacity development providers, research and academic institutions, development finance institutions and corporations from around the world. 

ASOCAM is a Latin American regional platform that facilitates forums for exchange on key issues of rural development, with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Its priority areas include local economic development, M4P, climate change and good governance.

Business Fights Poverty (BFP)
BFP is an online platform for business and international development professionals around the world to share ideas on how business can fight poverty. As well as providing its own content, the site encourages you to actively connect with your peers, and contribute through writing and commenting on blogs, watching videos and taking part in online discussion forums. BFP is also an alliance partner of BEAM Exchange.

Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)
CGAP is a global partnership of 34 development organisations that seek to advance financial inclusion. Housed at the World Bank, CGAP combines a pragmatic approach to responsible market development with an evidence-based advocacy platform – designed to increase access to the financial services that the poor need to improve their lives.

Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED)
The DCED is the forum for 22 funding and inter-governmental agencies that support the growth of the private sector in developing countries. The DCED has developed a substantial body of knowledge and its working groups address themes of particular interest to members. You can also find here the DCED's practical and widely used standard for results measurement.

Food Systems Innovation 
This knowledge hub supports continuous innovation within the Australian agriculture and food aid programme by assisting projects and programmes to share lessons and connect with international experience and good practice.

The HANSHEP Health Systems Hub
'The Hub' is a knowledge and networking platform that has been designed and developed with support from HANSHEP, a group of development agencies and countries, established by its members in 2010, seeking to improve the performance of the non-state sector in delivering better healthcare to the poor by working together, learning from each other, and sharing this learning with others.

The Lab - Market systems development for decent work
The lab is a three-year research and knowledge generation project on how to measure and maximise labour market outcomes while working in value chains and sectors. The project is implemented by the ILO with funding from Swiss SECO.

Leveraging Economic Opportunities (LEO)
LEO is a three-year USAID-funded contract to support programming that fosters inclusive growth through markets. Its goal is to deepen and widen the capacity of USAID staff and its partners to use evidence-based “good practices”. These span designing new projects and activities that promote inclusive market development, effectively managing their implementation, and evaluating their results.

Market Development Forum (MDF)
MDF is a group of market development-practitioner organisations working on strengthening of the private sector in Bangladesh. Its goal is to create greater collaboration and coordination among organisations and projects that apply different market development approaches – and to make those approaches more effective, synchronised and sustainable.

Market Development Forum Nepal (MDFN)
Market Development Forum Nepal (MDFN) has been formed to enable like-minded development practitioners to share knowledge and experience, and to learn about new ideas for pro-poor market development. The forum will be a learning platform which is informed by evidence based and hands-on experience.

Markets in Crises Dgroup
The objective of the Market in Crisis DGroup is to provide space for a broad audience of NGO personnel, donors, consultants, students, researchers, or any interested party to discuss topics specific to markets in emergencies and recovery context. The International Rescue Committee and Oxfam (as part of the ERC consortium gathering Oxfam, Concern and Save the Children) co-facilitate this platform on behalf of the community of practice.

Microlinks captures new learning in microenterprise development, shares it among practitioners, USAID mission staff and other donors, and helps them connect. You’ll also discover a number of free online value chain development courses, and excellent advice for practitioners in its value chain development wiki.

The Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business
The Practitioner Hub is an online platform that provides practical information and resources to the practitioners and facilitators of inclusive business. It provides a space for you to connect, share experiences and gain new insights to help inclusive business ventures grow.

Seas of Chbange
Research, innovation and exchange programme that focuses on helping drive an inclusive approach to agricultural development that can draw more small-scale producers into long term commercially viable markets, create new and fair employment opportunities in the sector and stimulate small and medium enterprise.

The SEEP Network
The SEEP Network is a global network of international practitioner organisations dedicated to combating poverty through promoting inclusive markets and financial systems. SEEP organises an influential annual conference (BEAM presented at the 2014 event) and oversees a number of initiatives, including the Market Facilitation Initiative (MaFI). This is beneficial if you’re interested in learning more about practical principles and tools, and joining a LinkedIn group for open discussion of queries.

State of Market Facilitation Map
Microlink's State of Market Facilitation Map provides another useful overview of different learning networks in the field, as well as a map of projects across the world. The map considers both learning networks and key donor-funded projects in each region.

SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance)
SuSanA is an informal network of partner organisations who share a common vision on sustainable sanitation. SuSanA invites international, regional and local organisations to join the network, contribute ideas, and to become active in the thematic working groups by promoting sanitation systems which take into consideration all aspects of sustainability.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) Employment and Income (E&I) Network
The SDC E&I Network consists of SDC staff and its partners working in private sector development, financial skills development and vocational skills development. You can find ediscussions on themes ranging from project cycle management, women's economic empowerment, and M4P and governance.

The International ValueLinks Association e.V. is an independent network of practitioners working on value chain development and applying the methodological approach, ValueLinks., Developed by the German sustainable development organisation GIZ, this aims to promote economic development with a value-chain perspective.

You may also be interested in the BEAM regional learning network study.