Mapping the system

Given the potential complexity of market systems, it is often useful to represent the concepts in a diagram. There are many different ways to show market systems graphically, each developed for different toolkits and manuals. 

The M4P approach 'doughnut'
Probably the most straightforward diagram, this emphasises how exchanges at the heart of a market system (e.g. the availability, price, quality of goods or services) are shaped by supporting functions and rules.

M4P 'doughnut'

Value chain approach framework 
This underlines the relationships between players within the core market – and recognises the importance of extended, external services. The rules are shown within the framework of local, national and global business environments.

Value chain approach

Participatory Market System Development (PMSD) roadmap
This roadmap focuses on the relationships in the market chain. It shows the value-chain (in the middle) mediated by enabling environment factors (above) and business and extension services (below).

PMSD roadmap

Inclusive industries 
This graphic (developed for the Beyond the Pioneer report) illustrates the relationship between constraints (barriers to scaling up) at the firm level, and those in three wider circles: the industry value chain, public goods relevant to the industry, and governmental laws, policies and actions.