MSD competency C3


Deliver effective reports and presentations that cater to specific audiences

MSD competencies

Competency definition

Practitioners engage audiences through well-crafted reports and presentations tailored to their motivations and concerns. They write clearly, directly and concisely. They speak with clarity, purpose and ease.

Knowledge areas

Practitioners with this competency will be knowledgeable about concepts and ideas described and explored in these resources...

Skills and experience

Practitioners with this competency will have acquired qualifications, skills and practical experience that may include:

  • presenting content in a participatory way at conferences, forums, and workshops
  • writing proposals, contracts and concept notes that have received funding or acceptance
  • publishing articles in newspapers, journals or blogs

Guidance for teaching this competency

Case study
Provide practitioners with written or video samples of presentations or reports; ask them to critique or revise them. Prompt them to consider the audience, key messages, selection of appropriate visuals and redundant verbiage.

Scenarios & role plays
Get practitioners to deliver short presentations on a pre-defined subject or situation. Debrief and provide specific feedback on how to improve.

Coaching & mentoring advice

  • Take time to sit in on presentations that staff give and provide regular feedback. Do the same for reports and proposals.
  • Encourage staff to present work to each other, for example at lunch ‘n’ learns. Foster a culture of providing each other with feedback. Help structure the feedback by providing frameworks on what makes good communication.
  • Provide planning tools and frameworks for staff to structure their thoughts prior to developing content.

Guidance for assessing this competency

Direct observation of practice
Look for evidence of planning before writing a report or developing a presentation. Observe for clarity, use of appropriate visuals and ability to answer questions about the content. Observe for how audience-specific the practitioner is in their choice of language, tone and messaging.

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