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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Main implementer
Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation
2013 - 2017
Total budget
US $ 5 million
Annual budget
US $ 1.3 million avg
Andrew Wilson
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Create job opportunities for young women and men, through the creation of new markets.  

Market systems and interventions


Interventions include:

  • Initiation of IT hubs as multi-purpose IT communities supporting education, collective marketing, advocacy and a supportive innovation environment
  • Formation of national and sub-national IT associations targeting improved education, marketing and advocacy
  • Introduction of higher-value business model for foreign language customer care and data centres
  • Restart initiative to promote and facilitate investment and market linkages with diaspora

Food production and processing 

Interventions include:

  • Creation and dissemination of incubator for farmers model of training through employment for fruit and vegetable producers
  • Stimulating creation of new marketing services tailored to needs and capacities of food sector companies, including specialized services for SMEs
  • Promotion of public/private investment in disaster risk management (DRM) for economic infrastructure in flood affected areas of NE Bosnia and Herzegovina


Interventions include:

  • Creation of business models for tourism product development (packages and itineraries)
  • Introduction of new business models for company specific and generic marketing and sales in the tourism sector
  • Facilitation of advocacy to introduce additional charter, scheduled and low-cost flight connections to Mostar airport in Herzegovina region
  • Promotion of local advocacy model for development of tourism in municipalities

Tradeable services

Interventions include:

  • Pilot interventions supporting investments in digital media campaign management and US GAAP accounting service outsourcing as proof of concept
  • Support model for start-ups and freelance work in mechanical engineering outsourcing
  • Introduction of tradeable services as a new strategic focus for investment promotion and facilitation by local institutions


Interventions include:

  • Introduction and normalization of market systems development theory and practice to network BiH regional development agencies working with the project as co-facilitators


  • 850 jobs created, with rate of job creation increasing by 2.5x per year
  • € 1.9 million of private sector investment stimulated and € 3.1 million of public investment committed
  • 206 businesses using new services stimulated by the project
  • 18 new types of business service being offered by 40 new service providers
  • 14 businesses implementing measures to increase women’s access to employment
  • Four regional development agencies competently applying and convinced about the market systems development approach
  • One regional development agency won their first project tender using market systems development as the key selling point.

Updated December 2015.