Programme profile

M-Sawa: Maendeleo Sawa

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Main implementer
MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates)
Maendeleo Sawa (M-Sawa)
2015 - 2022
Total budget
CAD $18.7 million
Annual budget
CAD $2.7M (avg)
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Project description / objective

Overcome poor market access for market actors by helping 250 small and medium enterprises (SME Lead Firms) in three sectors:

  • agriculture
  • extractive
  • construction

Support will be given to the SMEs to develop and improve backward supply chains to 20,000 small entrepreneurs (SEs) and smallholder farmers (SHFs) - strengthening profitability and competitiveness along the chain. 

Market system focus

The Lead Firm approach
SME Lead Firms are major drivers of economic growth, providing markets for SEs and SHFs who have limited opportunities to engage in Kenya’s growing economy.

MEDA will facilitate increased access to profitable market opportunities for SEs and SHFs in counties with high levels of poverty by working with SMEs with forward and backward linkages to increase participation in supply chain initiatives. 

Programme interventions

Intervention 1
Provide financial incentives for SMEs and SEs to form beneficial business alliances and participate in shared facilities.

Intervention 2
Catalyse demand for environmentally sustainable and more productive technology through cost-sharing purchase of improved technology by SEs. 

Intervention 3
Utilise matching grants to introduce innovations in backward supply chains. 

Notable results (systemic change, poverty impact)

As of November 2017 M-SAWA had signed a total of 10 SME Lead Firm contracts. These are targeting a total of 28,290 SEs (53 per cent women) who are benefitting from increased engagement in Kenya’s economic sector.