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EYE: Enhancing Youth Employment (Phase 2)

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Main implementer
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Management Development Associates (MDA)
2017 - 2020
Total budget
USD $7.5 million
Annual budget
USD $1.9 million avg
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Project description / objective

To help develop a dynamic and socially inclusive labour market providing more and decent jobs, including self-employment, for young people in Kosovo.

Market system focus

1. Skills development

Young women and men use acquired skills and increase their employability through a more market- oriented training system.

2. Job matching

Young women and men make informed career choices and gain more employment and income opportunities through improved job mediation systems, information and services.

3. Job creation

Focus on the demand-side of the jobs market by helping businesses and social enterprises in targeted economic sectors increase their revenues and investment, thus creating new jobs.

Programme interventions

1. Skills development

  • Public-private dialogue for improved skills is enhanced between formal education / training providers and the private sector.
  • More non-formal training providers offer demand-oriented and socially inclusive training programmes for youth.
  • Private sector is engaged in delivering (dual) training models to youth.

2. Job matching

  • Improved and socially inclusive career guidance services provide early information to youth and facilitate their personal development choices.
  • The media reaches out to youth, including minority communities, to provide content on relevant labour market topics in a sustainable way.
  • Public and private matching and recruitment service providers offer more and improved socially inclusive services to young job seekers and employers.
  • Platform for social dialogue on youth employment and decent jobs is functional / institutionalised.

3. Job creation

  • Relevant, affordable new and / or improved business services are accessible to growth-oriented businesses.
  • Social enterprises are functional using sustainable business models.

Notable results (systemic change, poverty impact)

1. Skills development

  • Over 5,000 young people received improved market-oriented education and training as a result of EYE initiatives.
  • Almost USD $250,000 in revenues have been generated by non-formal training providers from new training opportunities.
  • Over 700 young people found a job six months after being trained.

2. Job matching

  • Almost 15,000 young people gained access to, and used, new/improved labour market information and services facilitated by EYE.
  • Over 25,000 businesses made use of new/improved labour market information and services facilitated by EYE.
  • Over 800 jobs were matched through formal job matching service providers.

3. Job creation

  • Around 300 jobs (Full Time Equivalent) have been created as a result of changes facilitated by EYE.
  • Over USD $7.5 million of private sector net investments resulted from of changes facilitated by EYE.
  • Almost 20 businesses realised additional revenues through project-facilitated support.

[uploaded November 2019]