Programme profile

PAVE: Partnerships and Value Expansion for seed systems in Pakistan

Programme Index Listing

Main implementer
MEDA / Engro Foundation
Other implementers
Engro Fertilizer
2017 - 2020
Total budget
USD $700,000
Annual budget
USD $175,000

Project description / objective

To develop a certified system for production, distribution and use of high-quality rice, wheat and vegetable seed in two districts of Punjab, Pakistan.

The focus is on 175 villages working with 4,000 women and men smallholder farmers to ultimately develop 300 registered seed suppliers and 60 Master Trainers and Community Champions who will sustain the system in the long term.

Market system focus

Seed market system

Developing a certified system for production and distribution of high-quality rice, wheat and vegetable seeds.

Programme interventions

Capacity building for better crop management

To build the capacity of 4,000 smallholder farmers (including 400 women) around quality certified seed use and seed multiplication. This includes:

  • implementation of rice and wheat-related Best Crop Management Practices (BCMP) Package to improve their knowledge, skill set and expertise
  • targeted results for improving their practices, adoption, conversion to certified seed use, yields, profitability, income, livelihood, empowerment and entrepreneurship
  • increasing the likelihood of participation in seed programmes on a sustainable basis 

Training for seed multiplication

To improve the readiness of 1,640 smallholders (including 170 women), from a total 4,000 beneficiaries, to participate in a seed multiplication process to a level that commercial companies find it technically viable to work with them.

Registration of seed suppliers

To convert 300 smallholder farmers (including 30 women), from a total 4,000 beneficiaries, to registered seed suppliers for Engro’s seed business.

Development of Master Trainers

To develop approximately 60 enterprising smallholder farmers (individually or in groups from a total 4,000 beneficiaries) as Master Trainers (including at least six women trainers) to produce their own quality farm-saved seed for further exchange, distribution and selling among fellow farmers in nearby villages.

Notable results (systemic change, poverty impact)

  • 1,820 (350 women) PAVE farmers have switched over to use of certified seeds
  • 884 (48 per cent) have used Engro’s seed and 994 (52 per cen) have used certified seed of the other companies
  • The consolidated acreage on which certified seeds have been used to date is 14,579
  • In the last rice season basmati yields of PAVE early adopters increased by 10-15 per cent (Source: Feedback interviews, R&D farms records)
  • There has been improvement in knowledge, skill set, expertise (Source: Interviews conducted by M&E Officer, Project Director, Engro Foundation, MEDA)
  • 213 farmers have been enrolled as registered growers/suppliers (171 male & 42 female)
  • In this reporting period 86 farmers were added as suppliers, 30 R&D farms were developed (14 in this wheat season) and 1,500 acres were provided to the Government Crop Sciences Division (CSD) Department for FSCRD inspections
  • In the 2018/19 wheat season a total of 719 farmers (239 women) used certified wheat seed. This was 70 per cent increase compared to 2017/18 
  • The quantity of certified wheat seed sold by Engro increased by 104 per cent in the  season

[uploaded November 2019]