Programme profile

Feed the Future Inclusive Agricultural Markets Activity (FtF IAM), Uganda

Programme Index Listing

Main implementer
DAI Global
Other implementers
MarketShare Associates / Technoserve
2019 - 2024
Total budget
usd $24 million
Annual budget
USD $4.8 million

Project description / objective

FtF IAM seeks to increase incomes and improve the livelihoods of households through agricultural-led inclusive economic growth in the 38 FtF focus districts in Uganda.

Inclusivity refers to the active participation and engagement of all actors looking to participate in the market system, including the poor, women, youth, ethnic minorities or other marginalised groups who are often excluded – or even exploited – by traditional market systems.

Please note: the following is a provisional profile, pending more details

Market systems focus

FtF IAM focuses on improving the efficiencies within various cross-market functions in the agricultural sector.

Intervention areas

Commodity upgrading

Increased transformation and upgrading of agricultural commodities in response to end market requirements/preferences.

Inputs & services

Increased utilisation of quality inputs and services that support production, upgrading as well as services that enhance functionality of market systems.

Managerial & technical capacity

Increased capacity of market actors to profitably engage in the agricultural markets through improved leadership, managerial and technical capacity to perform their roles.

Rules & regulations

Strengthened implementation and enforcement of rules and regulations that support enhanced market performance.

Business relationships

Strengthened inter and intra-actor relationships to act and respond to needs and challenges in the market.

[uploaded July 2020]