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Beninclusive: Dynamic markets for sustainable agricultural products

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Main implementer
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) / Donations
2021-2024 (phase 1)
Total budget
USD $2.5 million
Annual budget
USD $625,000
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Project description / objective

The objective of the project is to improve living conditions for farming families through an inclusive and sustainable market systems development approach. The project focuses on two sectors - fish farming and citrus fruits - where it supports key actors along the entire value chains.

Market systems focus

Fish farming

Fish farming is a fast-growing sector (+7 per cent from 2013 - 2017), but local fish is not very competitive compared with frozen imported products. Less than a quarter of consumed fish is currently produced in Benin. This is mainly due to the high price of (imported) fish feed, lack of technical know-how and low market access.

Citrus fruits

Demand for citrus fruit-based products is high, both in Benin and abroad. Currently 70 per cent of the citrus fruit harvest (mainly oranges) rots due to a lack of technical know-how, processing capacity and market access among the nurserymen, producers and processors. 

Programme interventions

Note on interventions
At the time of writing, the programme had just started it’s first phase and more details on interventions will be added in due course.

Fish farming

Promotion and access to high quality inputs

  • Production and supply of quality fish fry
  • Promotion of local industrial feed and introduction of alternative inputs

Capacity building

  • Modernisation of farmed fish production
  • Innovations in fish processing

Structuring and promotion of the sector

  • Supporting the structuring of the actors in fish farming
  • Facilitation of market access

Citrus fruits

Promotion and access to high quality inputs

  • Provision of fertilisers, pesticides and other phytosanitary products
  • Improvement of plant material

Capacity building of:

  • nurserymen
  • producers
  • processors

Structuring and promotion of the sector

  • Supporting the structuring of the actors in the citrus fruit sector
  • Facilitation of market access

Notable results (systemic change, poverty impact)

Results will be added as they come in.

[uploaded February 2021]