Journeys of transformation

A training manual for engaging men as allies in women’s economic empowerment

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The manual emerges from experiences, in Rwanda and elsewhere, that women’s economic empowerment works, but that it can be made to work better and to achieve even more movement toward equality when men are deliberately engaged as allies.

It is organised by: 

  1. An introduction that presents research on what we know about men’s participation  in women’s empowerment around the world.
  2. An objectives section that explains why it is important to address the needs of men in rural areas of Rwanda by allowing them to fully explore the advantages of gender equitable behaviours
  3. The testing sections provides detailed information on the results from formative, baseline and endline research in Rwanda
  4. Using the manual section offers suggestions for implementation and field supervision, and provides practical information on how this manual is organised, including its format and that of each training session.
  5. Training manual presents the actual manual. 
  6. Annex I offers tips and guidelines for facilitators, including ‘know-how’ for facilitation of group activities, how and where sessions should be carried out and how the group should be set up. 

Useful for:

While developed for a Rwandan context, this tool should be relevant for any practitioner working on Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE)