Published by
Mercy Corps

An assessment of market dynamics and agricultural production in Northeast Nigeria. This publication identifies pathways for more effective support of early recovery efforts in a region experiencing a protracted and complex humanitarian crisis. 

Mercy Corps Nigeria, in conjunction with Action Against Hunger, Cooperazione Internazionale, Catholic Relief Services, the International Rescue Committee and Oxfam undertook the Assessment across the three most affected states in Northeast Nigeria:

  • Adamawa
  • Borno
  • Yobe

They carried out 10 months of research, data collection and interviews to better understand post-insurgency livelihood and market recovery strategies. They also identified opportunities for future market system programming in conflict-affected areas. They interviewed:

  • farmers
  • traders
  • trade and producer associations
  • input suppliers and distributors
  • banks
  • financial services providers
  • humanitarian and development agencies
  • government bodies

As a result they have been able to highlight the means for more effective support at multiple levels - from policy formulation, to marketplace restoration, to what tools or seeds farmers should be provided with.  

The Livelihood And Market Recovery Assessment places gender, sex and age differentiations at the heart of its analysis. It emphasises their important – if often ignored - role in the market and in any corresponding intervention.