Gaining systemic insight to strengthen economic development initiatives

Drawing on systems thinking and complexity theories to improve developmental impact

Published by
Marcus Jenal

This paper introduces the concept of complexity and provides guidance to practitioners in economic development on how to identify complex problems and act accordingly.

The paper starts by focusing on the question of what complexity is and how it can be identified. The second part explores why a more differentiated and complexity sensitive approach makes a difference, and why development practitioners should try to understand this topic and its relevance to their work. The third part introduces possible strategies that can be applied when facing complex problems. The fourth part discuss implications of the use of complexity theories and share the authors' approach to complex problems: the Systemic Insight Approach. This approach includes specific and concrete guidelines to plan, implement, and monitor and adapt development programs in complex systems. The paper ends by discussing implications of complexity with reference to the authors' economic development activities.

Useful for:

Professionals looking for an introduction to complexity theory and its relevance for market system approaches, in particular programme managers overseeing programmes in complex systems.