Published by
International Labour Organization (ILO)

This third edition of value chain development for decent work provides an overview of how to take a systems approach to value chain development with the objective of creating more and better jobs.

Too many development interventions remain at the pilot phase and do not lead to widespread change; or are too expensive to deliver and require vast amounts of funding to roll out. A systems approach is critical given the scale of global challenges. By being catalytic – trying to achieve more impact with less resources – a systems approach can boost local ownership and sustainability of outcomes.

The guide concludes that to apply common sense and systems thinking in value chain development: 

  • Start with a clear strategy that prioritises a limited set of impacts 
  • Look below the surface to find the reasons for the decent work deficits 
  • Be adaptive and measure the meaningful 

This report is also available in French and Spanish. The Arabic version can be found by following the View the tool link above

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