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Market Development Facility (MDF) Phase 1 - activity completion report

November 2017109 pages Fiji Pakistan Papua New Guinea Sri Lanka Timor-Leste Australia & Pacific Asia: South Asia: South Eastern Agriculture Manufacturing Tourism Download as PDF (2.6 MB) MDF Phase 1 progamme profile


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Cardno Emerging Markets
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Cardno Emerging Markets
Market Development Facility (MDF)
Results level
Poverty reduction
Mixed method
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Intervention types
Improved access to finance
Improved marketing of products
Improved product / service quality

A report on Phase 1 (2011 - 2017) of DFAT's MDF programme. MDF was conceived to stimulate investment, business innovation and regulatory reform, leading to the creation of additional jobs and an associated increase in the income of poor women and men in the Indo-Pacific region. 

MDF started in Fiji and subsequently expanded to Timor-Leste, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka. 

Over a six year period the programme expanded into five countries, generated verifiable results for poor women and men in target markets, developed new methodologies and achieved global recognition within the Market Systems Development (MSD) community.

The programme played an important role in facilitating discussions between the public and private sector. It also provided an evidence base for potential regulatory reforms through the detailed market assessments conducted at the start of each country engagement.

Intervention description

Given the challenges inherent in documenting all works undertaken over an intensive multi-year programme cycle time, this report is intended as an abbreviated summary report.

It highlights:

  • programme-wide systemic change
  • lessons learnt
  • results

Evidence methodology

The report draws on findings and results generated from MDF’s results measurement system namely:

  • annual aggregation of results reports
  • semester reports
  • a mid-term review report

Other relevant documents include:

  • aide memoirs by MDF’s Independent Advisory Group (IAG)
  • sector strategy reports
  • strategic guidance notes
  • other frameworks (such as Women’s Economic Empowerment Framework)

Data used is from MDF’s results measurement system which has been successfully audited against the DCED Standard.