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Market Development Facility
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Cardno Emerging Markets
Market Development Facility (MDF)
Results level
Case study
Data source
Intervention types
Improved input supply
Improved marketing of products
Improved product / service quality
Improved value chain coordination

The Market Development Facility (MDF) is a leading DFAT-funded programme. 

Using the MSD approach it is making innovative efforts to engage the private sector in the promotion of inclusive growth and poverty reduction for women and men – in the thin markets of the Fiji (Indo-Pacific).

It achieves this through private-sector generated economic opportunities and women’s economic empowerment. It forms strategic partnerships that harness business innovation for inclusive sectoral growth.

Intervention description

The case study looks at MDF’s work in Fiji across three sectors:

  • horticulture and agro-export
  • tourism and related support services and industries
  • export processing

Evidence methodology

This report draws on the experiences of MDF’s country team and partner organisations in Fiji.

It was prepared based on:

  • interviews and site visits of 12 partner businesses and organisations
  • consultations with the DFAT post in Fiji
  • extensive discussions with MDF’s team

Data used is from MDF’s results measurement system which has successfully been audited against the DCED Standard.