External review

The Sarami project - an alternative approach to beef sector development

Published by
Proand Associates Australia PTY Ltd

Sarami Estate (Sarami) has been breeding cattle in Vanuatu for 30 years and was the first property in Santo to introduce cross Brahman bulls on their breeding property. 

In 2009 Sarami was awarded an Enterprise Challenge Fund (ECF) grant to work with small holder cattle farmers to improve beef production in Vanuatu, while at the same time increasing their incomes through purchasing cattle at higher average prices.

The ECF was a six year (2007 - 2013) Australian Government pilot grant fund that provided funds directly to businesses in Asia and the Pacific. It ran competitions for private sector applications offering innovative solutions to address market failures and stimulate long-term inclusive pro-poor economic growth.

The ECF funds made available to the project have allowed the development of infrastructure and the establishment of sound business practices.

With ECF support Sarami was able to:

  • improve infrastructure
  • improve transport vehicles
  • improve breed quality
  • procure machinery for producing cattle feed

Smallholder farmers benefited by selling younger cattle to Sarami and by improving weaning rates.