M4P Operational Guide. Chapter 1 - Strategy

Is your programme focused on pro-poor system change?

Published by
The Springfield Centre
The Springfield Centre

Guidance on the core principles and framework for setting programme strategy to guide analysis and action.

Programme frameworks should explain how intervention will bring about changes in market systems. This includes the resultant improvements to the poor's performance in markets or access to basic services and the consequent reduction in the poverty they face.

This guidance advises on five initial steps to outline the programme’s strategic framework:

  1. defining the poverty reduction objective
  2. identifying opportunities to benefit the target group
  3. assessing the feasibility of stimulating system-level change
  4. establishing the main criteria for selecting market systems
  5. defining the programme’s main scope, indicators and targets, seek funding approval and guide a detailed design process

Useful for:

Funders, consultants and programme managers developing initial strategic frameworks.