Case study

Market analysis of the tourism industry in Zlatibar County

Private Sector Development Program (PSD)


for market systems approaches

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Project implementer
Regional Development Agency (RDA) Zlatibor
Private Sector Development Program (PSD)
Results level
Observational / Qualitative
Data source
Monitoring Data
Intervention type
Improved value chain coordination

The Private Sector Development (PSD) programme is a three-year SDC programme in South West Serbia.

The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to income and employment creation in the region by facilitating market development in sectors that have growth potential. 

Intervention description

This report presents the findings of market analysis for the tourism sector conducted for the Private Sector Development (PSD) project in South West Serbia. The report provides:

  • an overview of the tourism sector in Zlatibor district
  • the constraints restraining growth of the tourism sector
  • intervention strategies to trigger growth

Evidence methodology

The report is prepared using data generated through the programme’s research into the sector and other publicly available resources.