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Who cares? Demand, supply, and options for expanding childcare availability in Kosovo

Kosovo Women’s Network


for market systems approaches

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Kosovo Women’s Network
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Promoting Private Sector Employment (PPSE)
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Improved value chain coordination

Women’s labour force participation rate in Kosovo is among the lowest in the world at 18.1 per cent. More than eight in ten working age women are inactive in the labour force, compared to four in ten men. The unemployment rate among women is 36.3 per cent.

Intervention description

This paper examines:

  • covered and uncovered demand for childcare services in Kosovo
  • the availability of public and private care services
  • diverse stakeholders’ perspectives regarding options for establishing more, sustainable childcare services

Evidence methodology

The review used research from five geographical areas involving:

  • a random household survey of 491 unemployed women with children
  • a survey of 519 employed women and men
  • interviews with 61 employers
  • interviews with 51 public and private childcare centres
  • interviews with public officials