for market systems approaches

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Business Services Market Development Programme (BSMDP)
Project implementer
Results level
Growth and access to services
Observational / Qualitative
Data source
Intervention types
Improved access to information
Improved input supply
Improved marketing of products
Improved product / service quality
Improved value chain coordination

The Kenya Business Services Market Development Programme (BSMDP) introduced a new approach to sectoral development with a strong focus on making markets work for the poor (MW4P). It used sustainable business services to strengthen the competitiveness of small businesses.

Intervention description

This report is the final completion report for the project summarising what has been achieved and learnt.

The programme focuses on three subsectors:

  • dairy
  • export horticulture
  • media

Evidence methodology

The methodology includes field visits and interviews with programme staff and stakeholders.

It primarily draws upon existing literature and reviews from the programme.