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Scaling-up and scalability: concepts, frameworks and assessment

Vuna research report

October 201684 pages Zambia Zimbabwe Africa: East, South & Central Agriculture Download as PDF (2.0 MB)


for market systems approaches

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Adam Smith International (ASI)
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Systemic change
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Improved input supply

Vuna is a DFID-funded regional Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) programme. CSA focuses on sustainably improving agricultural production and increasing income; improving agricultural resilience to climate change; and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

Intervention description

Vuna is promoting the broader adoption of climate smart agriculture technologies through a series of pilot projects.

Projects that are successful are likely to be scaled-up. They will be expanded within the pilot country, replicated in neighbouring countries, or both. This paper summarises Vuna’s initial efforts to meet these objectives.     

Evidence methodology

This report is prepared using:

  • a literature review
  • desk reviews
  • field visits to two countries
  • discussions with key stakeholders engaged in the scaling-up projects
  • discussions with key informants with knowledge of agricultural R&D processes in Zambia and Zimbabwe