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Oxfam, IRC, Practical Action

The Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis (EMMA) toolkit is a guidance manual for market analysis in sudden-onset emergencies.

The EMMA toolkit aims to improve emergency responses by encouraging and assisting relief agencies to better understand, support and make use of local market-systems in disaster zones.

The website offers analysis with practical recommendations that are suitable for the early stages of emergencies. Users are not required to have specialist economic or market analysis skills; it has a broad scope, addressing survival needs, livelihood protection and the transition to economic recovery; and it is adaptable and intended to be integrated flexibly into different organisations’ emergency preparation and response planning.

The EMMA website also provides other relevant resources, such as FAQs, training and examples on its use in the field.

Useful for:

Humanitarian and market development practitioners working in sudden-onset emergencies, aiming to analyse markets in situations of information constraint and decision making urgency.