M4P Operational Guide. Chapter 2 - Diagnosis

Have you understood the root causes of the problem?

Published by
The Springfield Centre
The Springfield Centre

This guidance advises on the core principles and framework for diagnosing system constraints.

The diagnostic process begins with an identification and comprehension of the disadvantages that poor women and men face and iteratively grows into a detailed analysis of the continued existence of these disadvantages.

Information gathered should pinpoint what is responsible for maintaining the poor's disadvantage and where intervention is most needed.

This guidance advises on four steps of the diagnostic process:

  1. verification that the market system(s) selected for further study remains valid
  2. mapping market system structure and understanding its dynamics and performance
  3. identifying system-level constraints that prevent the market system from serving the poor effectively
  4. deciding which constraints are the priority

Useful for:

Programme staff or consultants carrying out market analysis.