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Evaluation of the market systems development approach - Volume II

Lessons for expanded use and adaptive management at Sida Volume II: Case studies

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This report presents the case studies for the evaluation of Sida’s management of the market systems development (MSD) approach.

The case studies assessed eleven MSD projects funded by Sida in order to draw lessons on how Sida can best manage its growing MSD portfolio and provide insights relevant to Sida’s wider support to complex and adaptive programmes.

The evaluation identified several factors that affect Sida’s ability to ensure that conducive conditions are in place for effective MSD programmes and good development programming more generally.

Sida’s relatively flexible framework of rules, guidelines and systems for project management provide the space needed for staff to innovate and manage adaptively. But for this to happen consistently and effectively, Sida needs to invest more deliberately in building the capacity of its staff in relevant areas.

In addition, leadership and incentives are key to shaping a culture of active experimentation and learning. This needs to be supported with clearer guidance for those involved in the design and appraisal; and strengthened oversight of project performance, including through adjustments to Sida’s contracts and funding agreements

DCED MSD Working Group webinar

Managing market system development – implications for donors

Itad Ltd and Sida presented the findings of the evaluation to the DCED MSD working group in September 2018.