DFID’s Private Sector Development Programme in the DRC

Private sector development that ‘Does Development Differently’: an assessment of the initial programme design and its implementation

Published by
Decision Support Unit (DSU)

DFID's £100 million PSD programme in the DRC seeks to improve the incomes of the poor in an extremely complex, conflict-affected environment.

This learning brief summarises the initial design and looks at how the ‘best fit’ idea has fared while being put into practice. Further briefings will cover each of the stages of the project delivery cycle.

The PSD programme is working with private sector stakeholders across the DRC to create ‘well-functioning markets’ and deliver a ‘business environment that fosters economic opportunities for poor people.’ The programme's design incorporated the principles of 'complexity thinking' which says that in a complex system the future is inherently unpredictable.

Three different component parts of the programme were split up to be delivered by three partners:

  • ELAN RDC delivered the MP4 component - sectors included agriculture, finance, renewable energy and transport
  • Essor delivered the Flexible Facility - improving the DRC's business environment
  • DSI supported ELAN and Essor

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