Unpacking incentives and capacities: factors affecting actor behaviour change

October 201817 pages Read the report
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Springfield Centre

To achieve Market Systems Development (MSD) practitioners are encouraged to analyse the incentives and capacities of different market players.

Analysing stakeholder incentives and capacities enables programmes to:

  • understand why the system currently operates as it does
  • develop a realistic vision for change that will be sustainable and spread to scale
  • identify specific partners who could have the incentives and capacity to stimulate that change
  • decide what kind of support to offer those partners to catalyse behaviour change

This paper breaks down incentives and capacities and presents a tool – Actor Behaviour Change (ABC) Factors – which links actors’ resources and priorities to the characteristics of a behaviour change that the programme wants to stimulate, and which can be applied to any actor (partners, intermediaries or beneficiaries).