M4P Operational Guide, Chapter 3: Vision

How will the system continue to work better after you exit?

Published by
The Springfield Centre
The Springfield Centre

Guidance on the core principles and framework for defining and planning intervention.

Following on from market diagnosis, programmes must look forward and think through how the system will work better in future. They should plan for their exit before intervening. This means developing a clear and realistic vision of how the principal, as well as any supporting market systems in which the programme intervenes, will continue to serve poor women and men effectively, after interventions have ended.

This guidance advises on four steps of defining and planning interventions: take stock of the current picture; develop a realistic pictures of how the system will work after the intervention; decide the main focus of programme intervention needed to bring about this vision; and elaborate a more detailed strategic framework for the market system. This guidance introduces a Sustainability Analysis framework to support thinking through of sustainability and a 'Will-Skill' framework to help determine which type of player should be engaged with and how. 

Useful for:

Programme managers and consultants developing programme strategies.