Assessment of the malting barley market system in Ethiopia

Published by
Business Innovation Facility (BIF)

An assessment of the malting barley market in Ethiopia. Following BIF's discussions with Diageo plc is was recognised that a more systemic approach could increase the domestic supply of malting barley and displace imported product. The assessment looks at Ethiopia’s malting barley market system, including a review of the contract farming models used by some brewers. It identifies opportunities for interventions that would sustainably benefit large numbers of smallholder malting barley farmers.

About BIF
The Business Innovation Facility (BIF) is a £40m private sector development programme funded by DFID. BIF’s objective is to enable low-income producers and consumers to benefit at scale from their engagement with commercial markets. To achieve this, BIF collaborates with large companies in developing products and services that benefit poor people in one or more of DFID’s priority countries.