Case study

Improving the agricultural inputs market to work better for smallholder farmers in Ethiopia

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Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) programme works with the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) to deliver second level land certification (SLLC) to smallholder farmers.

A case study of Harvest General Trading (HGT) and their partnership with Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) programme.

HGT was established in 2000 with a mission to increase the accessibility and availability of high-quality inputs for smallholder farmers in Ethiopia. The study describes the development of LIFT's risk-sharing partnership with HGT to help them better reach smallholder farmers in under-served rural areas of Ethiopia.

They tested the feasibility of an input distribution model and developed wide-reaching pilot activities. During the 2017/18 season the new model increased HGT sales to rural input retailers. In turn the farmers were able to invest more productively. They now access better quality, improved inputs and extension support on time, and at affordable prices.