Case study

Transforming communities in Northern Malawi

Case study of AgDevCo’s transformational impact through its investment in Tropha

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Tropha is a commercial macadamia, chilli and paprika farmer in Northern Malawi. This study explores how Tropha is beginning to catalyse growth in the macadamia value chain through crowding-in and stimulating economic activity in rural communities.

As well as a direct impact, AgDevCo investments aim to have a transformational impact on the local economies in which they are located. These more indirect impacts are referred to as economic transformational change. These ripple effects can include economic spill-over activity, behavioural changes of other companies and farmers, and increases in economic activity along value chains.

About AgDevCo
AgDevCo is an impact investor which aims to contribute to the transformation of African agriculture from subsistence farming to a modern, commercial sector.