End-market research tookit

Upgrading value chain competiviveness with informed choice

Rob Henning Margie Brand Neal Donahue
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This toolkit informs implementers on the process and value of end-market research efforts for value chain development, providing a portfolio of tools and grounds these tools through case studies. A sophisticated understanding of customers should form the cornerstone of a value chain competitiveness strategy. End-market research allows stakeholders to make informed choices about what customers they should serve and to prioritise the investments needed for the industry to pursue these opportunities. This toolkit is structured into two broad sections: Phase I - secondary end-market research and Phase II - primary end-market research. The actual analysis to facilitate decision-making is structured around six Cs (choice, context, channels, customers, competitors, and communication.) The Afghan dried fruits and nuts sector is used as a case study to ground the analysis and show how various tools were used to inform a comprehensive value chain upgrading strategy.

Useful for:

Programme staff or consultants interested in carrying out end market research.