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A Learning Note from Itad following the completion of an evaluation of Samarth-NMDP1 for DFID.

This is the first market systems programme in Nepal and Itad discusses:

  • whether the programme can be effective in reducing poverty in Nepal
  • what challenges programme implementers are likely to face
  • how these programmes can be better implemented in the future

Itad's research indicates that market systems programmes can be effective in Nepal, especially where they:

  • Tackle demand and supply side constraints in the same value chain and harness ‘demand-pull’
  • Facilitate strategic partnerships between market players to overcome this combination of constraints
  • Identify and address enabling environment challenges in partnership with the public sector

About Samarth-NMDP
The Samarth - Nepal Market Development Programme worked with a national dairy processor to upgrade the processing facilities and expand the milk collection of a local cheese producer. In turn, the local producer worked with smallholder farmers to improve milk productivity and quality through improved husbandry practices.