M4P Operational Guide, Chapter 4: Intervention

Are your actions developing or distorting the system?

Published by
The Springfield Centre
The Springfield Centre

Guidance on the core principles and frameworks to guide effective intervention.

Interventions should support relevant market players to innovate and perform more effective roles, and empower them to maintain and adapt those improvements in the future. To do this programmes must be adept at engaging with a variety of market players, knowing when to enter and exit partnerships, gauging whether players genuinely ‘own’ changes promoted, and assessing whether the system is really changing.

This guidance first advises on the essentials of partner engagement and intervention management. It then focuses on the main two steps of the intervention process: conducting and reviewing pilot interventions; and conducting supplementary interventions that stimulate crowding in. The guidance introduces the systemic change framework. 

Useful for:

Programme managers and implementers developing, managing and carrying out programme interventions.