Making the case for MSD #3: MDF 'Fodder for the future'

Kick-starting a leap in the productivity of livestock farming in Pakistan

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Quickly communicate the nuts and bolts of the MSD approach to a wide range of audiences. This is one of a series of short slide presentations for MSD advocates. Each slide deck (made up of six slides) is accompanied by speaker notes explaining the case in just enough detail for a five minute presentation.

Case #3 describes how the Market Development Facility (MDF) programme kick-started a revolution in production and usage of silage (year-round animal fodder) to help make small-scale livestock farming more productive and lucrative.

Livestock farming is a source of income and food security for six million farmers in Pakistan. However productivity remains rock bottom because of a lack of dry-season fodder.

MDF's work involved innovations and investment in appropriately-scaled silage technology and related services, driven by engagement with machinery suppliers, a bank and silage entrepreneurs.

  • MDF co-invested with small-scale entrepreneurs to test the technology and viability of the silage business.

  • It engineered a novel agreement between the bank, equipment suppliers and entrepreneurs to stimulate investment.

  • It worked with equipment suppliers to develop the rental of silage-related machinery.

Background on MDF

Making the case for MSD

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