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The MEL system supports the strategic and informed management of interventions, while allowing FTF Inova to report on achieved results. The system is built along two lines:

  1. Technically rigorous methods to capture and report results externally, including to USAID
  2. Robust but rapid tools and processes that support evidence-based decision-making within FTF Inova

MEL therefore has the twin goals of both “proving” and “improving” impact.

This plan sets out FTF Inova’s MEL System and explains how results are monitored and measured. The purpose of this updated Plan is to emphasise how MEL is the “data engine” for FTF Inova’s approach to adaptive management and learning. The plan includes definitions of key indicators, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) methodologies and processes, and a framework for reporting on progress toward results.

MSP and the BEAM Exchange are seeking feedback on MSD tools in the beta library to identify those tools that have the greatest proven utility and impact. We are asking the MSD community to complete a short survey (2 mins) of their top 5-10 tools to provide input into this curation process. Click below to participate!

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