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The Springfield Centre

This paper introduces the Adopt-Adapt-Expand-Respond (AAER) Framework to assess systemic change.

Market systems development programmes aim to leave behind systems that work better for the poor. But what does the term 'systemic change' mean to practitioners and their funders? Once defined, how do programmes interpret their role in facilitating it?

With the intent of promoting greater precision and some degree of commonality in how practitioners and funders understand and how programmes operationalise 'systemic change', this paper introduces the AAER Framework (also referred to as the systemic change framework) to contribute to this aim.

What practitioners say about the tool

"Imperfect, but quick and easy for people to understand. Very good for those new to MSD to grasp key concepts. It is simple and easy to explain to project teams. Also easy for them to use."

Useful for:

Anyone seeking a framework to understand systemic change, in particular senior programme and M&E staff seeking to operationalise and measure systemic change.