COVID-19 and MSD resources

April 2020 COVID-19 DCED portal on COVID-19

DCED portal

The DCED has created a portal that brings together resources on the tragic impacts of COVID-19 and how agencies can adjust their Private Sector Development interventions to improve the situation, both in the short and medium term. 

The portal is divided into the following sections:

  • What are likely economic and social impacts of COVID-19 globally and in developing countries?
  • How can we adjust PSD interventions in the short term?
  • How can we use PSD to stimulate economic recovery and greater resilience to future outbreaks?

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BEAM contributions

BEAM is contributing to this portal. We are also starting to add new Resources and Blogs to the BEAM website including: 

There's also our Conversations Board where the Markets in Crises D-group has been very busy discussing the effects of COVID-19.

We will be adding to these - search for 'COVID-19' to find the latest.

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