COVID-19 and MSD resources

April 2020 COVID-19 DCED portal on COVID-19

Here is a quick reference list of the latest resources and blogs which describe the impact of COVID-19 and the responses of MSD Programmes available on the BEAM Exchange

Check out our Conversations Board where the Markets in Crises D-group and others have been busy discussing the response to COVID-19.

We will be adding to these - search for 'COVID-19' to find the latest.

COVID-19 and private sector development (PSD) more generally

The DCED collates resources on the impacts of COVID-19 with advice about how donor agencies can adjust their PSD interventions to improve the situation in both the short and medium term. The portal is divided into the following sections:

  • What are the likely economic and social impacts of COVID-19 globally and in developing countries?
  • How can we adjust PSD interventions in the short term?
  • How can we use PSD to stimulate economic recovery and greater resilience to future outbreaks?

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