Case study

Better cheese, better work

The Alliances Caucasus Programme's impact on informality and working conditions in Georgia's dairy sector

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The study found that the Alliances Caucasus Programme (ALCP) interventions contributed to a fundamental, sustainable and large-scale change in the Georgian dairy market system, which is still ongoing.

This study explores the relationship between interventions in the dairy market system in Georgia, carried out by ALCP, and formalisation of actors and relationships in the dairy value chain. It focuses on positive implications for incomes and other working conditions for owners of economic units and their employees. 

It demonstrates that MSD can contribute to formalisation which can contribute to better working conditions. The ALCP has played a key role in this process of formalisation. It also indicates that MSD is an effective approach to reducing rural poverty, facilitating rural economic development and improving working conditions through support to enterprise formalisation.