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Delivery strategy for market development programmes

Deepening the pool of commercial driven extension service providers and local co-facilitators

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Market Development in the Niger Delta (MADE)

Market Development in the Niger Delta (MADE) and Partnership Initiative for Niger Delta (PIND) are implementing MSD programmes within the Niger Delta region.

This document reviews their experiences over the past seven years of introducing  innovative and successful models for stimulating commercial development for the benefit of smallholder farmers.

The two organisations leveraged the use of local business service providers to drive commercially oriented outreach and extension programmes for smallholder farmers.

This paper looks at:

  • commercially driven extension, where private companies understand and adopt value propositions that incentivise them to drive training and capacity building of farmers as a means of stimulating the sales of their products and services. 
  • the CAPABLE M4P initiative which builds the capacity of many local institutions to adopt the new approaches
  • some of the lessons that have been learned over the past seven years and the implications for continued growth of these methodologies