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The National Cheese and Beef Consumer Research is a component of the ALCP programme. Within this component the Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC-Georgia) helped ALCP to understand consumer expectations and needs, knowledge, attitudes, preferences and behavioral patterns of cheese and meat consumption in urban areas. It analysed what consumers focus on while choosing and buying cheese.

The survey aimed to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What are the consumption patterns of cheese and other dairy products?
  • What are the reasons behind consumers’ choices, behaviour, and perceptions while buying cheese?
  • What are consumers’ awareness of different quality issues?
  • Are people in Georgia’s urban areas willing to pay more for ‘‘ecologically clean’’ cheese or other dairy products, produced with raw milk that is supplied by farmers living in highlands?
  • What are the consumption patterns of beef by type of product?
  • Is there a willingness to pay more for grass- or hay-fed beef?